Aditya Seeds

Aditya Seeds

"A nursery for gardeners, landscape contractors, interior designers, builders & contractors etc..."

We have developed a standardized production protocol for large scale production of planting material which ensures quality standards at every stage of production–delivering results without deviations.

All the locations are equipped with latest modern facilities of agriculture like drip irrigation, tube wells, agriculture implements, generator backup for electricity and internet connectivity. These locations are well connected with each other by transportable road facility. Our Group’s Research facility is certified by DSIR. The associated biotech lab and Path lab assists in achieving advance and timely research objectives.


  • Landscaping and planning of premises.
  • Layout of special features like rockeries, water body.
  • Supply of plants, organic compost, garden accessories, etc.

We help you make your garden and home extraordinary by our wide range of plants and gardens accessories.

Trees, palms and cycads, indoor and outdoor plants, bamboos and grasses, succulents, climbers, ground covers, fruits and spices, bonsai, water plants.

Garden accessories, clay pots, ceramic glazed pots, hanging baskets organic compost, garden ornaments.


Mrs. Sangeeta Jain

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